Hi everyone, Kevin the Cone Donkey here!

As you know I drive across the UK delivering traffic management. At NTS fleet safety and maintenance is a top priority. All of us complete daily checks to make sure they stay in good condition. After all – we’ve got our FORS Bronze award to prove it!

I’d like to think my driving skills are second to none, so here are my top 5 driving habits that can damage your vehicle.


This one is a no-no. When I’m off out on a job I always load and unload my van correctly, plus I triple check all the equipment is correctly secured. The same should apply to your vehicle. Avoid keeping unnecessary items in your car as it can affect your fuel economy and emissions!

Riding the clutch

Keeping your foot on the clutch after you’ve changed gear adds excessive wear and tear on your plate. If you can, try and rest your foot on the footrest in between gear shifts.

Keeping your hand on the gear stick

It’s tempting to do this on a long drive, but in some vehicles it can be bad for the transmission. The gear stick is connected to a selector fork, and putting extra pressure on it can cause premature wear. You wouldn’t catch me doing it!

Speeding over speed bumps and potholes

Potholes are a country wide problem and speeding over them is known to damage your vehicle. The same applies to speed bumps. Driving over them can damage the front and rear of the car and the exhausts. Remember they are there to slow you down!

Harsh braking

Repeated sudden braking places unnecessary strain on your brakes, plus burns up more fuel. An emergency stop is sometimes unavoidable, but in the long run anticipating the road ahead will go a long way to saving those brake pads and discs! NTS are passionate about driver safety, and each van is fitted with a tracker which monitor manoeuvres like sudden braking.

See you soon,


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