It’s National Road Victim month!

Did you know every 20 minutes someone is killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads?

This startling statistic from Brake shows more should be done to prevent lives being torn apart by a serious road accident or fatality.

Safer roads

At Nationwide Traffic Solutions we continue to protect the lives of all road users through our temporary traffic management.

Accredited to NHSS 12AB and 12D, we provide safe, effective traffic management schemes across the UK.

There are so many ways our schemes can prevent injury or accidents e.g. a road closure around crane works moving heavy goods overhead, or the installation of fencing and barriers around water maintenance works.

As safety is always our main priority, our staff are experienced at working in areas where traffic travels at high speeds – putting their lives at risk to help others arrive home safely.

Peace of mind

Our team of operatives working on the road are trained in First Aid, plus receive regular driver safety training, giving customers the peace of mind their works are being completed safely and successfully.

National Road Victim month was launched to remember the lives of those tragically killed or injured in road traffic accidents.

Click here for more information on our safety conscious team, or to find out how we can help deliver your next project safely, contact us using the information below.

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