What is Traffic Management?

Traffic management is temporary measures put in place to control or adjust the flow of traffic. Nationwide Traffic Solutions deliver all phases of traffic management and implement a range of traffic management schemes e.g. temporary traffic light systems, road closures, diversions, contraflows, and more.

Temporary traffic management is needed for a variety of reasons. For example construction works, road maintenance work commissioned by a local council or pedestrian management for a sporting event or village parade.

What Sectors do Nationwide Traffic Solutions work with?

We cover traffic management for all sectors and industries, including construction, security and utilities. For more information on who we work with click the button below.

What traffic management do I need?

This can depend on the type, location and duration of your works. Our team conduct site meetings and surveys to assess the project. We will then discuss the most suitable traffic management options suited to you and from there put together a custom traffic management package for you.

How much does traffic management cost?

We offer competitive rates for all our traffic management works. All new customers are eligible to receive a complimentary traffic management plan, plus a free quote. Once you’ve booked in a job with us we conduct free a site survey, risk assessment and method statement.

Contact the team on 01652 640996 or email [email protected] to discuss our rates.

I've been told I need traffic management, what do I do next?

If you’re unsure what to do next, contact us on 01652 640996 to discuss your requirements – then let us do the rest! Nationwide Traffic Solutions can take care of your works from start to finish. Alternatively we can help with one specific phase of your project e.g. equipment hire or design a traffic management plan.

What permits or licenses do I need?

Some traffic management works may not be undertaken before a permit or licence has been applied for and approved. We can talk you through the applications you need and take care of them for you. Examples include E-ton noticing, parking suspension notices, Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs), mobile lifting and/or crane licences.

What is your call out time for emergency traffic management?

We can deliver traffic management for short notice or emergency works and aim to be on site within two hours of the initial call. As we are available 24/7, simply call us on our emergency out of hours contact number which is 01652 640996.

Is there enough room for my works to take place?

All our traffic management schemes comply with Chapter 8 Traffic Manual regulations, which means they will be installed in accordance with up to date legislation.

Before any traffic management is installed, a site survey, method statement and risk assessment will be filled in by one of our Operatives. These procedures resolve any obstructions and verify there is enough space for the works to take place.

How long does traffic management take to install?

The answer to this question is…how long is a piece of string?!

The time it takes to install traffic management varies widely depending on the job. For example a small footpath closure can take less than an hour, but some larger jobs are completed in several phases and can span over weeks.

Across all our works we conduct site inspections every two hours to make sure all installed traffic management is visible and well maintained.

How quickly do I receive my traffic management plan?

Our in-house technical team turn around our traffic management plans within 48 hours of the initial request. Traffic management plans needed urgently will be prioritised so you can get your works underway as fast as possible. To request a traffic management plan email drawi[email protected] or click the button below for more information.

Do you have any vacancies?

We're often looking for talented new staff members to join our expanding, professional team. To view our current vacancies please click the button below.

Why should I choose Nationwide Traffic Solutions?

Nationwide Traffic Solutions delivers a wide range of traffic management products and services across the UK. We are a friendly team that like to get to know you and your requirements before putting together a tailor made traffic management package to suit you. For more information click the button below.

I received an advance warning letter through the post, do I need to do anything?

In order to make residents aware of road works in the local area, and to minimise disruption, our team can erect temporary advance warning signage and conduct a letter drop.

If you receive a letter from us, you don’t need to do anything. Whilst it is more than likely you will not be affected, it’s a good idea to make a note of the date and time of the works and, if you are planning to travel during this time, adjust your route if necessary.