Hi everyone, Kevin here!

I’m just getting my gear on to put out a road closure in Central London for some utility works.

If you’re not familiar with Street Works, it’s basically traffic management installed in urban and suburban areas where the speed limit is less than 50mph.

Have you got some works coming up that might need a traffic management scheme but you’re not quite sure?

Check out my tips to give you some guidance!

Do you need full access to a road or street layout?

There are hundreds of reasons why traffic management is required. If you need to dig up the road to lay cables or resurface the road, for example, we supply road closures and diversions that direct traffic around your works, all installed in line with Chapter 8 and NHSS regulations.

Are your works only taking place on part of the road?

Protecting the public is our priority, so only if it is safe to do so, we can install a footpath closure and place Heras fencing around your works, creating a safe working area. We can also install temporary pedestrian crossings so the public can cross the road safely away from your works.

Do you need some help with managing traffic congestion?

Depending on the type of project we can install temporary traffic light systems, from 2 up to 8-way lights in order to reduce traffic congestion around your works. Alternatively our LANTRA qualified traffic management operatives can manually control the traffic using Stop/Go boards if necessary.

How long will your project take?

If your works are scheduled to take place over a long period of time – multiple days, weeks or months – we can install temporary advance warning signage and conduct a letter drop in the area so residents and motorists are aware of the works and have time to amend their journey if necessary.

Our team work hard to get as much detail about your works as they can in order to put together your unique traffic management package.

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Right I’m off to work – it’s none stop for us operatives!