NTS winter vehicle safety warning

Staff at Nationwide Traffic Solutions are urging motorists to carry out potentially life-saving safety checks on their vehicles this winter.

Road users are advised to test their vehicles in preparation for poor weather conditions and reduced visibility on the roads. To help vulnerable road users, NTS have released a checklist to complete before travelling:

Winter Safety Checklist


  • Check tyre pressure – Guidelines can be found in your car manual
  • Tread – UK car tyres are legally required to have at least 1.6mm tread around the entire circumference, however 3mm tread is recommended to maximise tyre performance.
  • Appearance – Check for visible signs of wear and tear e.g. cracks, lumps or tears.


  • A flat battery is a common cause of winter breakdowns. Check battery health and replace if required.


  • Check oil level


  • Wash – Check level and increase strength of anti-freeze as the temperature decreases (check instructions if you’re unsure).
  • Wipers – Replace regularly to ensure good visibility.


Brakes are susceptible to wear and tear, so seek assistance if:

  • Your vehicle takes longer to stop than normal after applying the brakes
  • You need to press harder on the brake pedal than usual
  • The handbrake is difficult to move or release.

Motorists are advised keep the following items in the car in case of an emergency:

  • De-icer
  • Ice scraper
  • Jump leads
  • Torch and batteries
  • Shovel
  • Snacks
  • Bottles of water
  • Warm, waterproof clothing

NTS operatives have recently conducted the check on their fleet of vehicles. South Operations Manager Russ Blackburn advised motorists to complete the checklist not just in winter, but before any long journey: “Failure to test your vehicle could result in a serious, or even fatal, accident. As we are always on the road, our fleet of vehicles are regularly checked to keep them in the best possible condition. We urge motorists to stay safe this winter and ensure they take the relevant precautions to make their vehicles safe.”

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