Blackfriars Bridge Closure

Roadworks sign on pavement. Red Triangle border with man digging, black on white background.

NTS worked closely with multiple parties to develop a robust traffic management plan allowing for the closure of one of
Britain’s most well-known – and busiest – bridges, Blackfriars, located in London.

With stringent measures in place, NTS delivered a wide range of traffic management services facilitating the bridge closure which enabled our customer to carry out major works, with disruption being minimised for all bridge users.


Our customer required Blackfriars Bridge to be closed for four days. The closure was to enable a tower crane to be taken down from an existing site in the surrounding bustling location.

Being both a popular road and foot bridge located over the River Thames in London, the bridge acts as a major access route into London carrying the A201 which runs between Waterloo Bridge and Blackfriars Railway Bridge. As one of London’s busiest bridges the project needed to be delivered by a company with extensive expertise and project experience in delivering complex traffic management solutions in even the most challenging of locations.

With plans for major interruptions for many people and businesses, the planning of the closure required collaboration with multiple stakeholders to ensure minimal disruption with seamless traffic management solutions in place to facilitate continuous traffic flow.

The Solution

With experience in delivering our services at challenging locations, NTS developed a seamless traffic management plan that involved liaising directly with key stakeholders including the council, TFL, UK Security, emergency services and other companies that were completing work on the bridge.

Our highly qualified team with unrivalled industry expertise spent over a year putting together rigid plans that accommodated all parties’ requirements.

With safety of road users and workers at the forefront, we delivered the following services – on-time and within budget – as part of our
traffic management plans:
• Road closure
• Diversion
• Multiphase traffic lights
• Pedestrian Management Systems
• Cycle Management Systems
• Multiple site meetings
• Multiple site trials
• Swept Path Analysis
• Air lock systems
• Alterations to street furniture
• TM Plans
• Licence and Permitting
• Site operatives & Site maintenance on
24 hours
• Advance warning signage including VMS

With rigorous plans in place, coupled with the swift delivery of our traffic management services – and delivered in accordance with all industry standards – NTS improved the road safety for users, whilst minimising traffic volumes and emissions.
Through our engagement with TFL on the project, the government body allocated this as an innovation project – designed to tackle future mobility, decarbonisation, improving
experience, whilst also increasing connected mobility – and subsequently won awards for the project.