Harrods Department Store

NTS Case Study Harrods

Nationwide Traffic Solutions were contacted by an escalator installation company requiring assistance at Harrods department store in Central London.

Nationwide Traffic Solutions were contacted by an escalator installation company requiring assistance with the removal and installation of 16 new escalators at Harrods department store in Central London. The works were carried out in two phases overnight during weeknights with weekend nights reserved for back up.

Following the initial enquiry, we conducted a site meeting with the customer and then produced our quote and risk assessments based on the project brief. Following these assessments, the nature of the works and their proximity to a residential area meant the impact to local residents was a primary concern. Street furniture and structures located in the pedestrianised area where the works were undertaken also required special consideration. Once approved a traffic management plan was drawn up.

Our Project Administrator (PA) submitted the relevant legislation which authorised completion of the works. This included completing indemnity forms, application of mobile lifting licences and temporary traffic orders to the local council. Additionally, our PA applied for permission to suspend use of disabled parking bays on the street during both phases. Prior to the works taking place the team erected advance warning signage and conducted a letter drop to inform local residents about the works and potential impact.

The large scale project involved the removal and installation of the escalators through a street level window on Hans Crescent. Working from custom TM plans for Phase 1 and 2 designed by our in-house team, first NTS Operatives made the site safe to pedestrians and road users whilst creating a clear exit for vehicles from the building. Led by one of our Operatives, our team closed off the pedestrianised area along Hans Crescent to allow the customer to gain full access to the road. We installed pedestrian diversions and signage warning motorists of the works and to allow enough space to enable contractors to lift the machinery safely on to their vehicles. The suspension of the disabled parking bays reduced congestion and allowed traffic to flow more freely around the works. Operatives oversaw the project and conducted site inspections at least every 2 hours before removing TM.

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