Removal of tower crane

As an ongoing client, NTS delivered its leading traffic management solutions for one of the UK’s largest real estate and investment group sites.

A comprehensive traffic management strategy was required to enable the swift removal of a tower crane from a site located in the bustling city centre of London borough.

The plans focused around closure of one of London’s major roads and therefore required a robust approach to minimise disruption.


To allow for the works to be completed, NTS had to put one-way systems in place for vehicles including buses, taxis and cyclists after reconstruction to the road network had taken place.

Since this site was encircled by tram tracks, there were several obstacles to overcome, and delivery speed was critical.

The site was also located in a regenerated area which meant complex planning was required as the surrounding road layout changed regularly, therefore impacting traffic management requirement, such as diversion routes, RAMS and security measures.

The Solution

NTS designed an integrated traffic management plan that included direct communication with all essential parties, such as the council, police, the end client,
and numerous infrastructure companies involved in the project.

Our team, which has vast expertise with similar projects, provided the following services:

  • Road closure
  • Complex diversion
  • Pedestrian management
  • Cycle management
  • Site operatives & Site maintenance
  • Shuttle lane installation
  • TM Plans
  • Licence and permitting
  • Street furniture removal.

To ensure we were up to date on the regular route changes, and that all of our plans aligned to this, we had regular multiple site meetings and accommodated for the changes as requested. As such, we were able to deliver a seamless traffic management plan that enabled our client to safely move a tower crane