It’s National Bike Week (11-18th June)! Nationwide Traffic Solutions are calling for motorists to be more considerate to cyclists on the road.


When delivering traffic management everywhere from rural country roads to a gridlocked M25, our operatives have seen it all.

They have witnessed everything from commuters racing through temporary traffic lights to mile long tailbacks caused by herds of farm animals crossing country lanes.

However there is one group of road users growing increasingly popular on the roads that slip our minds all too often.


According to figures from RoSPA, over 18,000 cyclists were injured in reported road accidents in 2016.

The number of cyclists killed on Britain’s roads in the same year increased by two per cent to 102 from the previous year – 8 of whom were children. This percentage may sound small but it’s a percentage shift in the wrong direction.

We can all help save lives by being more considerate to cyclists.

RoSPA are pushing plans to educate children on life-saving road safety skills, including the introduction of safe walking and cycling routes to school, the government has launched a consultation to upgrade the safety on England’s road network and invest more in cycling.

At Nationwide Traffic Solutions operatives work round the clock delivering traffic management measures that keep all road users safe, including protecting cyclists. We regularly administer cycle lane closures and put diversions in place guiding cyclists safely around road works.

Our drivers certainly earn their stripes and receive full driver training so they are fully aware of the risks on the road, including the potential threat to cyclists. Our FORS and NHSS 12 A/B and D accreditations prove our commitment to safety.

These procedures offer our customers the assurance that we strive to preserve the safety of all road users we come into contact with through delivering traffic management.

Richard Goodall, NTS Director, said: “Nationwide Traffic Solutions are passionate about safety all year round, however National Bike Week is a good opportunity to drive home the message on cycle safety.

“Cyclists have as much right to be on the road and we should respect them as much as any other vehicle.

“Drivers should take care around cyclists by giving them enough space on the road, look out for them at junctions and passengers should check before getting out of a parked car. Little things like this could go a long way to preventing a serious or event fatal accident.”


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